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Registration for the Fall 2021 Season is now OPEN and registrations for Fall 2021 must be submitted by Friday, Sept 4th, 2021.

⮚ Final clearance for participation will be granted by athletic office personnel prior to the first day of practice/tryouts on Monday, Sept 7th.
⮚ In an effort to provide a window of time for the athletic office to provide final clearance it is important to meet the 9/4/201 submission deadline.
⮚ If a student-athlete doesn’t have final clearance they will not be allowed to participate in practice/tryouts.

Please review the information below prior to beginning your registration.

✔  All student-athletes must complete the online registration forms Friday, Sept 4th prior to the first day of practice/tryouts on Sept 7th

  • Complete the family registration using the link below.
  • First-time users: create a family account with a username and password. Once your account is created you can register multiple students from within the same account.
  • Returning users: enter the username and password you created during your first family registration. Once logged in, you can click on the “Register” dropdown menu and register an existing student or register a new student to your family account.
  • Remember to add the sport for each season they will be playing.  To select more than one more sport in a season, hold CTRL and select the sports. Each student should register for a sport that they might be trying out for/playing in that season.
  • The form will auto-populate information based on previous registrations you have submitted. Please review and update information such as insurance, medication, diagnoses, emergency contacts, phone numbers, email, etc.

✔  Participation Forms

  • All student-athletes and parents must read/submit and agree to the Code of Conduct, Mild Traumatic Brain Injury/Concussion Annual Statement, Sports Medical Questionnaire, and Permission to Publish,  and submit/sign the electronic statement.

✔  Physical Examination

  • Before a student tries out, practices, or competes in athletics she/he must have proof of a physical examination on file with the athletics office. Physical examinations are valid for two years from the date of the exam. Proof of physical examination can be uploaded to your family athletic registration account. If you do not have a scanner available to upload a physical, please bring proof of physical examination to the athletic office, in person, so that we can upload the form to your student’s registration account.  You can also have your physician fax the physical to the athletic office at (207) 767-7713.

✔  Academic Eligibility

  • To be eligible to try out, practice or participate in co-curricular activities, sixth, seventh, and eighth-grade students must earn a 2.5 or above average for ALL of the three HOW standards across all classes. Examples: Student #1 Preparation for Learning average across all classes - 2.6, Engagement with Learning average across all classes - 2.8, Interactions with Peers and Teachers average across all classes - 2.5 = ELIGIBLE for Extracurricular Activity.  Student #2 Preparation for Learning average across all classes - 2.8, Engagement with Learning average across all classes - 2.4, Interactions with Peers and Teachers average across all classes - 2.9 = NOT CURRENTLY ELIGIBLE and in need of support to engage with learning.

✔  Obtain Final Clearance via Athletic Registration Website.

  • An email will be sent to the parent of the student regarding final clearance once the information has been verified. If you don’t receive an email 3-4 days after completing the activity registration, please contact the athletic office at (207) 767-7705


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